Official Launch 2

  • By Ace Pharaoh

Official Launch 2

Bred by the streets of New York, PHARAOH is fashionable luxury for modern Kings & Queens. Inspired by the hustle-hard lifestyle of New Yorkers and the commonalities they share with once-bloodthirsty ancient Egyptians, PHARAOH caters to generations of human beings who settle for nothing less than greatness, to human beings who have built their empires and to human beings who have transcended the idea of being just a “human being.”

While monarchs still govern countries across the globe, these people are not pharaohs. In fact, it is believed that a pharaoh has been long gone and that Cleopatra was the ‘last of a dying breed.’ To that, we say: Leave your history book at home, browse our luxuries and become a PHARAOH.

Each cloth is cut with the intention of providing its wearer a sensation of richness. Pulling designs from ancient Egyptian culture and apparel, while maintaining a modern man and woman’s humility.

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